Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 20Mar2019



The S&P500 Emini Futures are currently at 2825 after making a high of 2858 yesterday March 19, 2019. And they have started selling off on profit-taking pressures since yesterday and the futures have already corrected almost 40 points from their high of yesterday.

This correction was to be expected in a way because the S&P500 Futures have broken out of a very strong resistance level at 2820-2830 that has been prevailing for last 6 months, since October 2018. The breakout from a long-standing resistance is not easy and the futures have done that this week. Now they are trying to come out of that and test one more time whether the support is actually holding at the 2820 level.

So we should not be excessively worried about the correction that is happening today because this is natural to test the resistance levels that we are crossing and to check whether that resistance level has become a support level, which is what it should become. Continue reading

Emini Futures Trading Update- 09Dec2016

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are currently at 2254. The futures have moved from low of 1980 to 2250 this week – that’s 70 points in a week, a very good upmove indeed!

Different traders should have been able to capture different number of points based on the trading strategy recommended to them, but everybody should have made some profit in this upmove.

For example, Small traders with 1-2 contracts were asked to buy the futures at 2234 for target 2247 with stop 2226, and that trade completed within 24 hours, giving 13 points gain. Large traders with 5-10 contracts should have started long positions automatically above 2200 for target 2234 with 2180 as Stop Loss, getting at least 30-35 points gain per contract between 2200 and 2247.

In fact, a similar long trade was suggested as a Bonus Trade on Nov 22, 2016 and hence available to all our website visitors for free. Please see the previous post titled: S&P500 Emini Futures Hit 2200 Today!
Nov 22, 2016 Bonus Trade: Traders can remain long above 2200 for target 2220-2230 and 2190 as stop loss.

What happens next? After 70 point non-stop upmove, there can be some pause or profit booking. The Technical target for this upmove is 2260, which is just 6 points away from current price of 2254. For us, there is no new trade currently. There is a sell signal on the hourly charts with potential target of 2232, which could come next week after the US Fed Meeting updates on Interest Rate policy, when markets will try to adjust to the news and volatility can come back. So we will wait and watch for the next opportunity.Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Update- 17Nov2016

The S&P500 Emini futures are currently at 2180. The futures are moving up quickly on market open, probably after seeing the US Fed commentary from Janet Yellen, that the rate hike in Dec will be along expected lines (25 bps), which is already factored (supposedly) in the current price.

So there a fresh short-term buy signal this morning above 2175, and the futures are moving up in a very clear way. Traders can stay long above 2173-2175 levels and aim for 2183-2185 levels.

This clear upmove helps up to put a tighter stop because if this upmove reverses, then it can easily fall to 2160 and we don’t want to hold the long anymore in such a case. The Stop Loss for any long position should be at 2172-2173. This is one of the rarer cases when we can put a tight 5 point stop below buying level, because we don’t want to part of any downward reversal from current level.

Please Note: Dec 2016 is the month of US Fed rate hike meeting. Dec 2015 was the most deceptive month of year 2016, when almost every every analysis produced wrong trades and we got lot of whipsaws.

The key learning from Dec 2015 was to be very careful with Dec month around the US Fed meeting. In Dec, many US funds are winding down their positions and market participation could be less (though unlikely this year because of new President factor), which can create larger swings. We must be very cautious. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Update – 23May2016

Our trading last week was far from optimal, and we had many stop losses from the daily change in market direction, just around our key level of 2053 in futures. The US Fed rate hike scenario in June significantly increased volatility and paused the upmove of the S&P500 which was clearly visible till a week back. In fact, we had a profitable trade with 15 points running when the US Fed meeting notes came out and that trade went down to hit 10 point stop loss within minutes.

Please see the chart below. The S&P500 futures have been trading in a narrow channel of about 45 points band, and they have been changing direction almost everyday, thereby hitting any stop loss that is less than 20-25 points, and then targets of 10-15 point targets are getting hit. Its like a mixer and its not profitable.

In such a scenario, the only way to trade without sacrificing stop losses is to widen the stop loss to the outer levels of the channel. So the stop for long trade would be 2020, and stop for short trade would be 2060 on the futures.

The uptrend which started in Feb has been closed in May after last week’s movement, and now there is a strong bias for downside moves. Long trades should be taken only above 2060, or at the lower end of the channel around 2025-2030 with a tight stop of 2020.