Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 10Aug2022

The S&P500 Emini Futures have been moving up in recent weeks, and taking regular support at their 10 day SMA. So the near term trend is up but there is a strong resistance between 4150-4200 level, which has already played out in May-June 2022.

The current setup with falling momentum indicator (CCI) is not suitable for long trades, and we urge all traders to reduce or exit their long trades.

S&P500 Futures Resistance Levels are at 4150 and 4200.
Above 4200 closing, 4400 target become on again.

S&P500 Futures Support Levels are at 3950 and 3750, and these levels can be used for buying for 50-100 point gains. However, a clean long trade will come above 4700.

Bonus Trade:
Buy S&P Emini Futures at 4160 for target 4200, with stop 4140.
Please trade with small position size.

Market Update (end of day): There was a big upmove in the S&P500 Futures today based on some positive news of falling inflation, which can enable the US Fed to raise interest rates less rapidly, or maybe even pause for a while. The above bonus trade was completed successfully, giving 40 points gain. The momentum indicator (CCI) is still not looking very bullish, so one has to trade on the long side with small position size.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 18June2021


Hello Folks,
The S&P500 futures are currently at 4171.
A large correction is taking place, wiping out yesterday’s market recovery. There is no General Trade currently till conditions stabilize and the futures move above 4200..

Support levels are visible at 4150 and 4170.
Resistance levels are visible at 4200 and 4230.

[Bonus Trade]
“Buy at 4170 for Target 4190 with Stop 4160.”
Please Note: This is suitable for large traders who are regularly trading with 10+ contracts, using 2-3 contracts in this Optional Trade. This trade aims to use the likely recovery in prices after today’s selling. The futures are at one of the support levels, so we can buy a small position. Thanks.


Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 20May2021


The S&P500 futures are currently at 4104. They have been facing high volatility in last 2 weeks, after hitting a high of 4230. Even now, there is no clear trade.But the setup is suitable for long trades only, but we need some stability to come, which will happen above 4130. The momentum indicator (CCI) is showing recovery, and above 4130, the setup should become good for a long trade from 4130 to 4180. The S&P500 is not really breaking down despite a series of red days, and many of the short traders have faced stop losses in the 20-50 point reversal spikes that are coming daily.

[Bonus Trade] Buy at 4130 for Target 4160 with Stop 4100

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 07May2021

The S&P500 futures have recovered from the sharp correction earlier this week on Tuesday, and our pre-defined long trade started at 4200 today morning, and the target of 4228 was also achieved today itself.  Above 4200, there was a fresh breakout today and it was a top quality setup for a long trade, and it delivered strong gains.This was our first trade of May month, and it was successfully completed within the same day of starting.