Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 29July2020

The S&P500 futures have been consolidating in between 3200 and 3560 for over a week now, and there is a strong resistance at 3270 level, and it has been there for a long time. Above this resistance of 3270, new long trades can come for target 3330.


S&P500 futures are in strong uptrend above 3200, and Traders can stay long above 3200 for target 3250-3260, which is just below the resistance of 3270. Please exit long below 3200, because selling pressure can be high below 3200 and downside target is 3140. So, the setup is high risk currently, because we have the US Fed update coming later today, which can create sharp moves, and hit stop losses.

[Bonus Trade] Buy at 3280 for Target 3330, with Stop 3250.

Summary: Traders can stay long for Target 3260, with 3200 as Stop loss.
Be very cautious here. The setup is not safe and clear.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 11Feb2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 3360.00
The futures broke out of 3340 resistance after market hours yesterday and moved up till 3374, and corrected back to 3360 by end of day.

These days, we are seeing the exact opposite in Feb 2020 compared to Aug 2019. In Aug 2019, we had constant selling and gap downs in after market, and now we are seeing constant gap up in after market. But then, Aug 2019 was the low point in that market cycle, so is this a near term top? We have to be careful.

As mentioned in previous mails, above 3300, the upside target of 3350-3360 is there, but it was not a reliable path because of the resistance at 3340. That’s why we didn’t do a new Optional Trade for target 3360. We have no new trade as of now. Continue reading

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 30Dec2019

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 3228.50
Today’s Range (so far): 3217.50 – 3244.25

For the last 10 days, we have been seeing weakness in momentum indicators, while price was moving up, and that was not a reliable setup at all. Since 27th Dec 2019, the futures hit a high of 3553 and started correcting, in line with the weakness in short term daily momentum.


In the daily chart below, we have we can see that the 20 day moving average has not been tested in a while now, so there probably at testing of that support level coming up in the next 1-2 weeks. If it holds, we will see next leg of the rally, and if it fails, where we may see correction till 3100 level. We have to be cautious below the 20 day moving average.


But today is 30th Dec 2019, and we have far more important things at hand!! Unless we have a 50-100 points move tomorrow on 31st Dec 2019, the following yearly chart of S&P500 index will look the same at the end of year 2019. This is a very valuable chart, because it gets drawn only once per year, at the year end! So please save this post.


S&P500 Futures Technical Analysis – on Yearly chart:

  • The above chart has trend line analysis of the S&P500 index yearly chart, and we see a strong band of support between 2600-2800, which should provide support during any major sell off, if it happens.
  • The two white arrows indicate the two important support levels for year 2020, and they are: 3000 and 2700.
    • 3000 is the anchor for the current upmove, and please remember that 3020 acted as a major resistance for several months, and now that is a major support. Regular market weakness will not be able to break 3000 level.
    • 2700 is the dire straits, deep low for the S&P500 for year 2020. 2740 is a major support level. It may not come at all. If it comes, it must be used for buying with a reasonable stop loss.
  • The battleground in year 2020 will be between 2900-3000 level, because if that zone is defended successfully, then new highs can come high reliability and without a sell off at the new higher levels.
  • Below 3000, the futures will search for support and we will see big swings and higher volatility, like what we saw in May 2019 around 2700 level, and Aug 2019 around 2800 level.
  • 3000 is the most important level for 2020. It is likely to get tested at least once, if not a couple of times. Above 3000, the S&P500 is in strong uptrend.
    • 3370 is upside Target#1 for 2020. It will come for sure, maybe within Q1,2020.
    • 3480 is upside Target#2 for 2020. It will come for sure. Whether it comes without a correction to 3000, or after a correction to 3000, is not clear yet.
    • 3600 is upside Target#3 for 2020. The path for this target is not clear yet. We will deal with it in real time.

Our S&P500 Emini Futures Trading Strategy for year 2020 is to constantly look for long trades – those are the winning trades, and the market has rewarded our view again and again! Our default trading strategy will be stay long above 3000 level, with a 20 point stop loss at 2980. This trade worked multiple times in year 2019 as well.

Overall, we can expect a green year in 2020, given the quality of the yearly setup. Because 2020 is also US Presidential Election Year, lots of noise will be there, and it can create volatility during the year. We should use such corrections to buy.

Please remember that America is much much bigger than any individual or group of individuals. The enterprising and hard working nature of American people (and also the bright people worldwide, because about 50 percent of S&P500 sales and income are now coming from outside the USA) is at the core of the S&P500 index rally over last 60 years. The growth of S&P500 is not dependent on anyone, and its growth can not be stopped, even if it’s blocked with hurdles briefly. It is important to remember this point even more during a market downturn, than during a nice green rally. I have learned over the last 15 years that we get best trading results by just focusing on the price action of S&P500 futures (daily and weekly charts), rather than business news media -because they have no commitment to get you profits, but I have. Hence this post!

Even if you are not a member/subscriber of our Trading Group, you can still benefit from the regular posts with S&P500 futures analysis, market direction, and bonus trades, which are published often, to help everyone visiting our website. Thanks.
Wishing you Happy New Year 2020!

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 13Apr2018


The S&P500 Emini Futures have been building a base at 2600 level and they defended it well this week, closing above 2650 this Friday, indicating strength and willingness to go higher. There is clear resistance at 2680, and the clear long trades will start above 2680.

Technical Analysis of S&P500 Futures Daily Chart.

Momentum (14.25) is above zero, indicating an overbought market. The long term trend, based on a 45 bar moving average, is DOWN. The short term trend, based on a 9 bar moving average, is UP. Momentum is indicating an overbought market, and appears to be slowing. Further, a bearish key reversal off a 9 bar new high here supports this outlook.A modest downturn is possible here.

Open Interest is in a downtrend based on a 9 bar moving average. While this is normal following delivery of nearer term contracts, be cautious. Decreasing open interest indicates lower liquidity.

RSI (48.70) is in neutral territory. This indicator issues buy signals when the RSI line dips below the bottom line into the oversold zone; a sell signal is generated when the RSI rises above the top line into the overbought zone. RSI is somewhat oversold at 48.70. However, this by itself isn’t a strong enough signal. We need to look for additional evidence here before getting too bullish here.

CCI (15.41) is in neutral territory. A signal is generated only when the CCI crosses above or below the neutral center region. CCI often misses the early part of a new move because of the large amount of time spent out of the market in the neutral region. Initiating signals when CCI crosses zero, rather than waiting for CCI to cross out of the neutral region can often help overcome this. Given this interpretation, CCI (15.41) is currently long. The current long position position will be reversed when the CCI crosses below zero. The market just signaled a bearish key reversal off a 9 bar new high, suggesting closing any long positions here.

Summary: The technical indicators are giving mixed signals at current level. So are bullish and some are bearish. This is logical and along expected lines because the S&P500 index is just above 200 day SMA at 2600 level, and the index has been testing the 2600 level every week. Below 2600 level, many indicators will turn bearish. So far the S&P500 index has been closing above 2600 on weekly basis, which indicates strength.  The S&P500 is building a base at 2600 level, which can enable the next upmove to 2800-2900 level.

[Bonus Trade]: Buy Emini Futures at 2630 for Target 2660 with Stop loss 2610.
Similar trade was done this week, and it can be done again in the coming week.
Our S&P500 Emini Futures Trading strategy is to remain long above 2600. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Update- 21Feb2017

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2361.50
The set up is 50-50 for any trade, and not looking reliable at this
extended level of market. Therefore Traders with 1-2 contracts have to
wait patiently for a suitable opportunity.

Traders with 5-10 contracts: There are two new optional/tactical trades.
(A) “Buy Emini Futures at 2362 for Target 2373 with Stop loss 2356.”
(B) “Sell Emini Futures at/below 2348 for Target 2300 with Stop loss 2365.”
These trades can be done with 1-2 contracts.

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Emini Futures Trading – 21 Feb 2017
Date: Tue, February 21, 2017 12:25 pm
To: info [@] eminifuturestrading.biz
Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2358.50
Today’s Range: 2349.00 – 2364.50

A buy signal came above 2357 but there is selling pressure at 2360-2365
level and a reliable long trade is not there. Today’s upmove looks like
short covering and we have to see if the gains hold till end of day.

There is no immediate trade. I am doing the market technical analysis and
will reply again after an hour. Thanks.