Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 02Nov2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are currently at 3315. Here’s the hourly chart of S&P500 futures, at 23:20 US Eastern Time on Monday, 02 Nov 2020.


The futures have faced a sharp downtrend since the Oct 13th, when the parabolic upmove broke down, and we got a 300 point correction from 3530, which wasn’t expected by many market participants. 3220 level provided support again, like it did in Sep 2020.

Now at 3315, the futures have broken above the downtrend resistance line, and they will aim to go higher towards 3500. Stay long above 3300 for target 3450 and 3500.

The futures can do 200 points move after US Election results, so keep Stop loss at 3280-3300. We can expect upmove today because the futures have successfully crossed 3300 after two failed attempts in last 2 days. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 10Aug2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are currently at 3350.
The futures are in uptrend currently and 3400 (new high) is the target.
Major trend line resistance coming at around 3500, which is much higher.
However, 3400 will also create selling pressure.
Please see the attached the daily chart analysis of S&P500 futures.


The S&P500 futures made an upmove/breakout above 3280 till 3330 exactly as we expected, giving 50 points gain.

Previous Optional Trade hit target at 3330 and gave 50 points gain.
“Buy at 3280 for Target 3330 with Stop loss 3250”

Here is a new Optional Trade.
“Buy at 3350 for Target 3380 with Stop loss 3320”
This trade can also be done with Emini Micros or CFDs. Thanks.

Traders should take profits regularly, and stay long above 3300 for Target 3400 and 3500.

Absolute stop loss for all long trades is 3200, which is 150 points below.In case of major correction, the futures may fall back to their 200 DMA near 3030. We can buy on corrections, and stay long above 3200 for target 3400.

The immediate long trade is from 3330 to 3400. There is a chance that the futures may correct back to 3300 on profit taking and they make a fresh attempt to 3400. The volatility is still high to do a General Trade with full capital. In current conditions, we can only do trades with a small part of our capital and aim for 30-50 points on those trades. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 29July2020

The S&P500 futures have been consolidating in between 3200 and 3560 for over a week now, and there is a strong resistance at 3270 level, and it has been there for a long time. Above this resistance of 3270, new long trades can come for target 3330.


S&P500 futures are in strong uptrend above 3200, and Traders can stay long above 3200 for target 3250-3260, which is just below the resistance of 3270. Please exit long below 3200, because selling pressure can be high below 3200 and downside target is 3140. So, the setup is high risk currently, because we have the US Fed update coming later today, which can create sharp moves, and hit stop losses.

[Bonus Trade] Buy at 3280 for Target 3330, with Stop 3250.

Summary: Traders can stay long for Target 3260, with 3200 as Stop loss.
Be very cautious here. The setup is not safe and clear.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 21Feb2020


Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 3357.25
Today’s Range (so far): 3345.00 – 3369.00

S&P500 Futures Technical Analysis: The futures are trying to find support below 3350 and have bounced back from 3345 early today morning, and the momentum indicators reversing from lower levels, which is a positive sign. At the same time, the futures are facing resistance at 3360. The futures are likely to go up and retest 3375-3380, where there is major resistance. So, we can use this fact to get back into long trade in a small way, because we have already exited at 3380 in the previous trade.


Our S&P500 Futures Trading Strategy is to stay long above 3340, which is was the reversal point yesterday. So we will continue to buy the corrections, which has worked successfully in the entire uptrend since Oct 2019. The absolute stop loss on all long trades is 3320, below which the uptrend will break. The next major target is 3420, which is still on. Continue reading

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 14Feb2020


Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are closing at 3380.00
Today’s Range: 3365.50 – 3388.00

The futures have been testing 3360-3370-3380 levels since yesterday.
There is a strong resistance at 3380-3385, which can give 20-30 points
correction back to 3360-3350. So a clean trade may come above 3390.

Different short-term indicators are showing different views, which makes
it difficult to do take up a take trade with high conviction.

The weekly and monthly charts are bullish, and 3400-3420 is our next
upside target. 3300 is the absolute stop loss on any long trade now.
So we will look for better setups in the coming week. Thanks.