Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 18June2021


Hello Folks,
The S&P500 futures are currently at 4171.
A large correction is taking place, wiping out yesterday’s market recovery. There is no General Trade currently till conditions stabilize and the futures move above 4200..

Support levels are visible at 4150 and 4170.
Resistance levels are visible at 4200 and 4230.

[Bonus Trade]
“Buy at 4170 for Target 4190 with Stop 4160.”
Please Note: This is suitable for large traders who are regularly trading with 10+ contracts, using 2-3 contracts in this Optional Trade. This trade aims to use the likely recovery in prices after today’s selling. The futures are at one of the support levels, so we can buy a small position. Thanks.


Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 03Sep2020


The S&P500 futures have suffered a large one-day correction today, with day high at 3584, and day low at 3424. Today’s fall has decisively broken the recent parabolic uptrend (curve line marked in the above chart).

The uptrend support trenline is coming at 3350 level, which is still about 90 points below current market rate. Now, the futures will surely need to test 3350 before getting any reliable or durable recovery. Below 3350, fresh breakdown will happen, and the next proper support is coming at 3200 level, which would be further 150 points below, or 240 points below current level.

The S&P500 futures will try to bounce back over next 1-2 days towards 3460-3480 and that rise can be used for selling, by exiting longs or initialing short positions. The futures will find it difficult to cross 3500, so that’s should be the stop loss for any short trades.

[Bonus Trade]
Sell at 3460 for Target 3350 with Stop loss 3500.

Update: The above trade started and completed within one day on Sep 4th!

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 27May2020

The S&P500 futures are currently at 2976.00 and down by 60 points from day high.

Today is the second day of the S&P500 futures trading around the 3000 level, which is also their 200 day moving average. Our tactical trading target of 3030 was hit today morning, and the futures went up till about 3035 and then faced a sharp 70 points correction from there to 2965.

The parabolic upmove of today morning got broken and the entire upmove of today got liquidated. Please see the charts below. The warning sign for a reversal of the entire upmove can once the parabola was broken below 3030, and the futures fell down till 2965!!




All this part of the 200 DMA testing at 3000 level. Nobody should expect a smooth run away rally from this very key level. This 3000 level is a major target, and also major resistance, when we are approaching it from below.

The S&P500 (or SPY) call options data indicated very high call options build up, which is usually not helpful for fresh upmove at key levels. So traders must be cautious here. Please keep 2950 as stop loss for any long position.


[Bonus Trade] Here’s a rapid tactical trade, for a bounce back.
Buy SP500 futures at 2975 for Target 2995 with Stop loss 2960.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 11Mar2020


The S&P500 futures have closed at 2741, down 4.50% for the day, and wiping out all the gains of yesterday. The selling pressure is relentless and even small gains during the day are meeting aggressive selling. The futures are now 330 points below the 200 day moving average, which is a lot of damage.

Our S&P500 Emini Futures Trading Strategy is to wait for this intense high volatility to subside, and for the futures to show a couple of green days, not like one green day followed by deep red day! Clean trades with low volatility will be available above 3060.

There is also a recovery trade of 250 points from 2800 to 3050, with 2700 as Stop loss.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 04Mar2020


The S&P500 futures closed at 3114. It was a big green day, after a big red day. These are all indicative of the market trying to adjust itself. A retest of 200 day moving avg (3068) is sure to come tomorrow, 5th March. Traders should take profits around 3100 and wait for lower levels like 3050 to consider a new trade. 3050 should provide short term support, but 2970 is the real support on the downside.

Major resistance on the upside is at 3150, and major support on the downside is at 2850. So there is a 300 point band, in which the futures can decide their direction.

Our Emini Futures Trading Strategy is to be care careful, and take very few trades after careful observation. The market has not yet stabilized, so our position size must be small, to avoid sudden large loss.

[Bonus Trade]
Sell at 3090 for Target 3040 with Stop loss 3120.

This trade can give 50 points gain for 30 points risk. Unfortunately, in current market conditions, we can’t do any real trade with less than 30 point stop loss. 10-20 points are going away rapidly as if they are nothing. And support and resistance levels are also widely placed, as the S&P500 index is trying to navigate this period of high volatility.