Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 10Aug2022

The S&P500 Emini Futures have been moving up in recent weeks, and taking regular support at their 10 day SMA. So the near term trend is up but there is a strong resistance between 4150-4200 level, which has already played out in May-June 2022.

The current setup with falling momentum indicator (CCI) is not suitable for long trades, and we urge all traders to reduce or exit their long trades.

S&P500 Futures Resistance Levels are at 4150 and 4200.
Above 4200 closing, 4400 target become on again.

S&P500 Futures Support Levels are at 3950 and 3750, and these levels can be used for buying for 50-100 point gains. However, a clean long trade will come above 4700.

Bonus Trade:
Buy S&P Emini Futures at 4160 for target 4200, with stop 4140.
Please trade with small position size.

Market Update (end of day): There was a big upmove in the S&P500 Futures today based on some positive news of falling inflation, which can enable the US Fed to raise interest rates less rapidly, or maybe even pause for a while. The above bonus trade was completed successfully, giving 40 points gain. The momentum indicator (CCI) is still not looking very bullish, so one has to trade on the long side with small position size.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 16Dec2021

Please see this image for S&P500 futures daily chart analysis.

S&P500 Futures have been facing major resistance at 4700 level and have not been able to stay above 4720 for much time, and have been facing major selling pressure above 4700-4720 level, which is now the main Resistance Level. Because this level has become such a big resistance for a long time, whenever it breaks, there will be at least 100-150 point upside rally till 4850 level. A closing above 4720 can be considered a decisive breakout, with target 4830. That upmove can be rapid.

On the lower side, 4500 level is a strong support, and it will present a good buying opportunity. For now, we have to remain cautious again, and see if 4600 support level holds. There is no clean or safe trade in the current market, and we will do a fresh analysis tomorrow. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 12July2021

Hello Folks,
The S&P500 futures are at 4372.
The futures have made a good recovery from the sudden fall last week. Our analysis was showing a recovery to 4230 level, and we shared an Optional Trade based on that analysis for Traders who trade with multiple contracts.

[Optional Trade#2] Update – Target hit at 4325 (30 point gain)
“Buy at 4295 for Target 4325 with Stop 4280”

But the momentum has been falling as the futures moved up above 4350, which doesn’t look like a safe setup for a new long trade. So we will wait and watch this week. On July 16th, there is monthly derivatives expiry, so some volatility should be expected over next 2-3 days. Overall, the setup is getting suitable for a trade.

Our S&P500 futures trading strategy for near term remains same:
“Stay long above 4300 for target 4400”.

The futures have a good support at 4330, and we will try to take a long trade around that level, between 4330-4340. We will get back to you with further analysis after market close today. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 02July2021


Hello Folks,
S&P500 futures are at 4321.

Our S&P500 futures trading strategy is:
“Stay long above 4300 for target 4400”.

There is a strong bullish zone above 4300, which also coincides with a resistance zone between 4290-4320, and we are in that resistance zone currently, but the fact that the futures are moving above 4300 is positive, and we should stay long above 4300.

[Bonus Trade]
Buy at 4300 for target 4340 with Stop 4290
Please Note: The above trade aims to buy a correction towards 4300,
which may come as part of retest of 4300 support level. Thanks.