This page will describe the performance summary of our recent trades with S&P500 Emini Futures. We have consistently made 20-30 points per month trading by careful trade selection. Along with several profitable trades, there are also a few stop losses almost every month, which serve as a warning to re-assess the market direction.

We are the only one giving S&P500 Emini Futures Trading Signals with a “performance guarantee” of 20 points per month. So you can make profit even if you trade with just one contract, though many traders are working with 2-5 contracts, and some are trading with 10+ contracts.

Performance Summary for Year 2018:
More than 120 points made in the 6 months, from Jan 2019 to June 2019.

Performance Summary for Year 2018:
More than  220 points made in the 12 months, from Jan 2018 to Dec 2018.
Please contact us for performance summary that includes monthly performance data.

Performance Summary for Year 2017:
Jan 2017: +27 points
Feb 2017: +26 points
Mar 2017: +10 points ($500 monthly fee refunded)
Apr 2017: +21 points
May 2017: +21 points
Jun 2017: +22 points
Jul 2017: +26 points
Aug 2017: 0 points ($500 monthly fee refunded)
Sep 2017: +22 points
Oct 2017: +20 points
Nov 2017: +20 points
Dec 2017: +20 points
Total: 235 points in 12 months

Please contact us for monthly performance summary for year 2019 and 2018.

Please contact us and we will share Trading performance sheet (pdf document) with you, which will include monthly trading performance. Every year, we have seen that 2-3 months will not produce good results, but the remaining 9-10 months easily make up for them, and our yearly performance has been at the top end, with above 200 points per year, every year since 2016.

Please read the following notes because they are an important part of our S&P500 Emini Futures Trading Strategy.

The above trading table indicates trading with just one contract of S&P Emini futures. Trading with multiple contracts takes a different path because we will buy/sell at multiple levels. Trading with 1-2 contracts will have a different path than trading with 5 or more contracts, and so on, because we may choose to close some positions midway, and let some continue till target.

Index futures trading is very dynamic, and each decision feeds into the next. So unless we are trading with 5-10 contracts, we should not bother about intraday moves, because intraday moves are a minefield of noise and volatility, and can trick us into wrong trades. Our desire is to take only a few trades, and keep wide stops, so that market noise doesn’t hit us. For example, Feb 2014 had just one long trade, but it was one of the best earners.

Whipsaws of 10-20 points from news flow, and market technical adjustments are part of the game, and we need to use them to our advantage, rather than allowing others to eat our positions. If one is afraid to hold overnight positions, then our futures trading service is not suitable because we carry positions overnight (we carry futures till our target or stop loss is hit). In such a case, one may consider leveraged S&P500 ETF.

Buying a deeply oversold market at closing is often a reliable way to earn 10-20 points by next morning. With S&P500, we have no need for fear, because its the best equity index in the world, and it is also the best investment in the world.

We are typically doing about 4-6 trades per month, though some months may have just 2-3 trades and some other months may have 8-10 trades. We will proceed very cautiously after a stop loss is hit because it means that market is doing something different from our analysis, so we need to correct our analysis before proceeding with new trades. If you have questions, please contact us. Thanks.