Bonus Trade– Emini Futures Trading– 27Sep2016

Trade Update (28 Sep 2017): This bonus trade hit its target of 2155 today morning in pre-market hours, with the day high so far being 2158.

New York City, 10.00 am US EST.
Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are currently at 2141.50
Here is a bonus trade for website visitors.
Buy Emini Futures at 2142 for target 2155 with Stop 2130

Risk = 12 points // Reward = 13 points
Probability of success is very high (90%).

Bonus Trade- Emini Futures Trading- 13Sep2016

New York City, 9.50 am US EST.
Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are currently at 2132.50
Here is a bonus trade for website visitors.
Buy Emini Futures at 2133 for target 2148 with Stop 2120

Risk = 13 points // Reward = 15 points
Probability of success is high (80%).
Even if Stop is hit, the futures should come back up once to test 2150. Our selling price target is just 2 points before it to avoid getting caught in sudden reversals at the 2150 area.

Emini Futures Trading Update – 31Aug2016


The S&P500 Emini futures closed at 2169.50 while the S&P 500 index closed at 2170.95. The futures discount has narrowed a lot in recent days to just about 2 points from about 9 points a month back. As indicated in the above chart, 2140 is strong support because 2134 was the previous high and now it is the base.

Our analysis is that S&P 500 index will test 2200 once and any major fall can happen after that or on the very same day that 2200 is tested.So the trading strategy is to remain long, and buy the dips and sell at 10-15-20 points gain.

So here’s a bonus trade for all website visitors:
We can buy Emini futures at 2163 for 2197 target with 2150 stop.

Emini Futures Trading Update – 26Aug2016


Here is the weekly chart of S&P500 Emini futures. The current upside target is 2200. The 3 major support levels are marked in yellow. They are at: 2150, 2000, 1850. As you will observe, they are at a gap of 150 points each. We can hold long positions with 2150 as stop. Between 2150 and 2100, its a zone of indecision and we can avoid long or short trades. Below 2100, we can sell Emini futures for targets of 2020 with stop of 2120. If the index goes into a correction mode, we have to wait aside for the fall to stop and a green week to come, which will indicate larger buyers are stepping in. Only then, we can consider new long positions in Emini futures. Thanks.


S&P500 Futures Monthly Chart Analysis – 29July2016

Following is the S&P500 Futures Monthly Chart over last 10 years from August 2017 to July 2016. The S&P500 index futures have been moving up firmly on the support of a long term trend line since March 2009. Like all trend lines, this trend line will also break one day, and open the way for larger downside. We don’t know when that will happen, so we have to trade with cautious, every time we bounce away from the trend line because there is a strong tendency to revert back to it, which is currently at 1900, or 265 point behind. sp500-futures-monthly-chart-29july2016

On the upside, 2200 is a reliable target, and it can come in August if some major bad news does not come. As mentioned previously on this website, our strategy for year 2016 has to been to stay long above 2000, and that has worked well, and we have 165 points gain on the positional trade, which has been done in several parts over last 4 months. August is a month of high volatility and we have to be cautious.