Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 02July2021


Hello Folks,
S&P500 futures are at 4321.

Our S&P500 futures trading strategy is:
“Stay long above 4300 for target 4400”.

There is a strong bullish zone above 4300, which also coincides with a resistance zone between 4290-4320, and we are in that resistance zone currently, but the fact that the futures are moving above 4300 is positive, and we should stay long above 4300.

[Bonus Trade]
Buy at 4300 for target 4340 with Stop 4290
Please Note: The above trade aims to buy a correction towards 4300,
which may come as part of retest of 4300 support level. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 20May2021


The S&P500 futures are currently at 4104. They have been facing high volatility in last 2 weeks, after hitting a high of 4230. Even now, there is no clear trade.But the setup is suitable for long trades only, but we need some stability to come, which will happen above 4130. The momentum indicator (CCI) is showing recovery, and above 4130, the setup should become good for a long trade from 4130 to 4180. The S&P500 is not really breaking down despite a series of red days, and many of the short traders have faced stop losses in the 20-50 point reversal spikes that are coming daily.

[Bonus Trade] Buy at 4130 for Target 4160 with Stop 4100

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 07May2021

The S&P500 futures have recovered from the sharp correction earlier this week on Tuesday, and our pre-defined long trade started at 4200 today morning, and the target of 4228 was also achieved today itself.  Above 4200, there was a fresh breakout today and it was a top quality setup for a long trade, and it delivered strong gains.This was our first trade of May month, and it was successfully completed within the same day of starting.



Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 12June2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are 3048.50
Today’s Range: 3003.50 – 3087.25

The futures had a 230+ point cut in the last 48 hours, falling from 3230 to 2996. In hindsight, our target of 3230 on the General Trade turned out to be the market top, and we were fortunate with that, and even on the next Optional Trade, which also completed successfully.

The following Optional Trade (for Traders with 10+ contracts) was completed successfully with 24 points gain before weakness started creeping in on Wednesday, 10th June.
“Buy 1-2 contracts at 3196 for Target 3220 with Stop loss 3180”

Now, the volatility is high, and we don’t have a General Trade. But we are seeing upside of 3175-3180 currently, though it will be tricky to capture.

[Bonus Trade] Suitable for larger traders with a small part of capital.
“Buy at 3050 for Target 3175 with Stop loss 3000”

Market Notes and Analysis:
As indicated in previous mails, the S&P500 futures have a major resistance at 3250and we need a monthly closing above 3250 for this resistance to be taken out. The S&P500 futures tried to do that in Jan-Feb 2020 but could not succeed, and faced a big penalty for failure to cross that key hurdle.

In addition, the overall Total Equity Put/Call ratio was at an extreme low by Wednesday, 10th June, which indicated significantly one-sided bullish bets piling up in the system, which would not make it easy to cross the 3250 resistance. So, the meltdown of yesterday was very much a technical correction, and its also aimed to test the support at 3000 level.

Overall, traders have to be cautious at current levels and wait for confirmation that 3000 level (200 DMA is 3020) is getting defended, because the real big selling pressure will come below 3000. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 21Apr2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 2733.00
Today’s Range: 2717.50 – 2832.50

The S&P500 futures have corrected by over 100 points since yesterday, and not in a straight line, so many stop losses of all kinds of trades have been taken out. Below 2700, the risks will rise rapidly.

Market sentiment has got badly broken, and Volatility has spiked up in last 24 hours because of the crash in Crude Oil futures – they went into negative rates, which is like a penalty for Crude Oil production, and its the first time we have seen anything like this in any major asset.

This Crude Oil futures crash has caused huge losses to all market participants, because Crude Oil/Energy is present as direct or indirect investments in all major funds and investment portfolios.

This article summarizes it well.

Btw, today April 21 is 2 months since Feb 21, when the major correction started in the markets. Most corrections don’t last longer than 2 months, but this one is very different in its nature because of the pandemic. We will remain cautious, because the market conditions are very rough.