Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 29Apr2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 2934.00
Today’s Range (so far): 2870.75 – 2935.25

The futures have bounced back today after hitting our Stop loss at 2880 yesterday, during the unexpected 70 point fall from 2913 till 2851.

Unfortunately, our carefully selected General Trade hit 20 points stop loss yesterday (though it was with only 20% position size). And now the futures have gone up and hit 2930, the target we had for that trade. It
feels bad to be in that situation. In normal markets, we may have bought back the futures 20 points below stop loss to reestablish the positions, but the current market can go anywhere rapidly, so we could not take that risk.

2880 is the critical level and the futures bounced above it in early morning trade. Near-term targets are 2930, 2950 and 3000, but the volatility is still high to do a General Trade. In addition, the US Fed meeting notes will come today, which can move the futures rapidly up/down. Continue reading

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 24Apr2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 2827.00
Today’s Range: 2755.00 – 2834.50

The S&P500 futures came till 2836 yesterday, and then sharply fell to 2785 within 3 minutes after negative news related to Coronavirus vaccine. It was a 50 point cut in 3 minutes, which would have taken out a lot of stop
losses. The futures went till about 2755 yesterday but did not break 2750. That is positive, and they are again up today at nearly 2830. This is a bullish sign. I think the futures will test 2900 in the coming days.

The major resistance has been around 2850-2880. Above 2880, this resistance will be taken out, and S&P500 Trend will be firmly up. We may get a chance to do General Trade (for all Traders) above 2880, even if its with a smaller position size. I am watching the market closely to see how can we use the current bullish setup of today for our trade next week. Above 2900, the target will be 2930.

[Bonus Trade]
“Buy at 2880 for Target 2930 with Stop loss 2850”
The above trade will trigger at 2880 and has 30 points risk for 50 points reward. All trades should be done with smaller than usual position size because of volatile markets. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 21Apr2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 2733.00
Today’s Range: 2717.50 – 2832.50

The S&P500 futures have corrected by over 100 points since yesterday, and not in a straight line, so many stop losses of all kinds of trades have been taken out. Below 2700, the risks will rise rapidly.

Market sentiment has got badly broken, and Volatility has spiked up in last 24 hours because of the crash in Crude Oil futures – they went into negative rates, which is like a penalty for Crude Oil production, and its the first time we have seen anything like this in any major asset.

This Crude Oil futures crash has caused huge losses to all market participants, because Crude Oil/Energy is present as direct or indirect investments in all major funds and investment portfolios.

This article summarizes it well.

Btw, today April 21 is 2 months since Feb 21, when the major correction started in the markets. Most corrections don’t last longer than 2 months, but this one is very different in its nature because of the pandemic. We will remain cautious, because the market conditions are very rough.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 01Apr2020


Hi, the S&P500 futures are at 2459.00, down 110 points or -4.30%
Today’s Range: 2453.50 – 2563.00

The futures were at 2611 when I mailed you yesterday,
and mentioned this in the market levels.
“- Safety will start above 2650 (we are almost there!)”

But the futures could not even go near 2650!
They reached 2635 and started facing selling pressure, and they are now below 2460, down 170 points since yesterday’s high. Its not hard for the futures to move up/down 30 points in the current market conditions with high volatility, but they could not even approach 2650 yesterday. It means the market is not yet ready for become safe and stable, which means more correction, till we get better conditions. In regular market conditions, the S&P500 futures can stay flat for a couple of days, but that’s not possible now. If the market can’t go up, it has go do down without any waiting. Continue reading

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 24Mar2020


Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures closed at 2380.00
Today’s Range: 2216.00 – 2387.75

It has been a week since the last mail, but we were all watching the unprecedented volatility in the futures. Trading in such conditions is like going into a tsunami with a raft, and there is no positive outcome possible without taking sizeable risk. And that’s not possible in the structure of this service, where we want to take trades with upto 20
points stop loss. In the current conditions, any trade with less than 50 points stop loss
does not have any chance.

Key Levels for S&P500 Futures trading:

  • Basic stability will start above 2500.
  • Safety will start above 2800.
  • Reliable trades with low volatility will come above 3000.

The futures are very likely to test 2500 this week, on the back of the stimulus package being planned by the US Govt. Currently at 2380. So 130 points upside is visible, but downside can be 100-150 points, which makes it very difficult to capture it as a futures trade. Continue reading