Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 10Sep2018

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini Futures (ES) are currently at 2885. They have moved back above 2880, which was the breakout level two weeks back, and that’s good news because the futures become safe above 2880.


The S&P500 index trend is up, and new long trades can be considered from here onwards, though high reliability long trades will come above 2900. Any long trade at these levels needs 15-20 points stop loss. There is a support at 2850, visible on the weekly charts. However, the major support is at 2800, and any sharp correction will may only stop at 2800-2810 level. So there is some downside in this market, unless bullish moves start asap. Traders must avoid longs below 2880. Today’s moves are looking positive, where the index has come back above its 20 day moving avg.


Our Emini Futures Trading Strategy is to go long above 2880. Upside targets of 2930-2950 are visible now, if 2880 level holds. Below 2880 level, major losses can come rapidly

[Bonus Trade] Buy at 2885 for Target 2900 with Stop loss 2870

Market view: Trade wars and global currency swings are a slippery slope, and sometimes, big negative events have happened in such conditions, so the market is right in being cautious, because the investors are taking risk at current higher-end market valuations and betting on stable economic conditions.

Most large corrections have been in the fall, when the chill winds of the fall season, erase the holiday cheer of the summer, and people are forced to look at the things in a clear way. So we should be careful in September and October. If these two months go without major damage, then we may see new highs on S&P500 by year end in Dec 2018. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading- Performance Summary Aug2017

Hello Folks, here is the Performance Summary for Aug 2017. We usually don’t publish trade wise details but August 2017 was particularly unique in how the trading results were different for two different trading styles, so we wanted to share them as an example, which can help all traders learn from our experience, and become better traders.

We have two types of trades.
(a) General Trades – suitable for all traders including those with just 1-2 contracts, and we measure our monthly performance on these trades. Only one trade is on at a give time.
(b) Optional/Tactical Trades – meant for larger traders with 5-10 or more contracts who can buy/sell 1-2 contracts at multiple market levels and exit them with 10-15 points gain. Multiple trades can be on at a give time. These are less reliable set ups, so the chances of getting hit with 10 point stop loss is 50-50 in many cases,  but we have learned from experience that such trades can be profitable in a volatile market and also in a market that is reversing after testing supports. Continue reading