Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 20Mar2019



The S&P500 Emini Futures are currently at 2825 after making a high of 2858 yesterday March 19, 2019. And they have started selling off on profit-taking pressures since yesterday and the futures have already corrected almost 40 points from their high of yesterday.

This correction was to be expected in a way because the S&P500 Futures have broken out of a very strong resistance level at 2820-2830 that has been prevailing for last 6 months, since October 2018. The breakout from a long-standing resistance is not easy and the futures have done that this week. Now they are trying to come out of that and test one more time whether the support is actually holding at the 2820 level.

So we should not be excessively worried about the correction that is happening today because this is natural to test the resistance levels that we are crossing and to check whether that resistance level has become a support level, which is what it should become. Continue reading