Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 02Nov2018

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2711.75
Today’s Range: 2699.75 – 2765.75


The futures have dipped below 2700 till 2699.75 in a slow manner, and bounced back sharply from there, indicating that the 2700 support level is holding. Therefore, we will get back our futures lost in the Optional trade of today.

Traders with 10+ contracts: Here’s next Optional trade with 2-3 contracts.
“Buy at 2710 for Target 2745 with Stop loss 2690”

There is no General Trade – the volatility is back, and giving some joy to VIX traders. But we need 2700-2710 levels to get tested again, which will happen today and over the weekend. We may get a suitable setup on Monday. However, if the futures go down to 2680 today, then it will become a good buying opportunity. Please stay alert till market close today. Thanks.


Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2713.00
Today’s Range: 2611.75 – 2765.75

We had said on 30th Oct, when the futures were at 2680 that 2750 is a reliable upside target for Nov 2018. And the futures have hit 2750 today itself, which is 2nd Nov. But the futures have corrected sharply after hitting 2766 high today, with 50 points intraday correction, which looks bearish as of now just for the next 1-2 days. The futures have also reacted down from their 200 day SMA, which is not positive, because the goal was to cross the 200 day SMA without major hurdles. The upside trend has appeared firmly in weekly charts, so we need a position to go long, and current position is 50-50, hence not suitable for a general trade.

Traders with 10+ contracts: Here’s an Optional trade with 2-3 contracts.
“Buy at 2715 for Target 2745 with Stop loss 2700”

The support level is strongly in place at 2700, so we may try to take a trade using that support level.
If the futures can hold the 2700 support level, then this is the point of highest risk reward with upside target of 2750 again next week.

[Bonus Trade] This can be done by traders having 1-2 contracts.
“Buy at 2705 for Target 2730 with Stop loss 2690”




Emini Futures Trading Analysis – 21Oct2016


The above chart clearly shows a strong support zone between 2100-2120 for the S&P500 futures. They have bounced back from this support zone twice in recent days, so we can expect an upmove of 40-50 points from the support zone of 2100-2120 before any fresh selling pressure gets applied by the short sellers. So potential upside target is 2150-2160. We can be sure that there short sellers because many fund managers will try to hedge their equity portfolios by shorting the S&P500 Futures. And then there will be some naked short sellers who are convinced of lower targets after US Elections in November 2016. Therefore, we have to book trading profits in the 2150-2160 range without becoming greedy. A real long trade with high conviction can start only above 2200, which will then involve massive short covering and immediate target in that case would be 2240. We will discuss that trade when we get there. There are many roadblocks before that, because the daily charts are showing that medium-term market trend is down until 2180 is crossed. Continue reading