Emini Futures Trading Update – 30June2016

Hello Folks, the futures are currently at 2088.
Our Trade#6 has its target of 2083 today afternoon, and therefore, this trade is closed, along with month-end today. We will start new set of trades from tomorrow, 1st July.

The v-shape recovery after Brexit reminds me of the v-shape recovery after the first Grexit news flow in 2011 and then the S&P500 went up further after emphatic bounce back. If S&P500 index goes above 2100 again, then we will see new highs in the coming weeks and 2250 will be our target.

Just like we have a standing trade, to go long above 2053, we will have a new standing trade above 2135, which will ensure that we are benefiting from the upmove. I will give the exact details of this trade once S&P500 index is at 2120 and nearing the previous highs. Thanks.

[Positional Trade Update]: Traders with multiple contracts who went long above 2053 (our automatic long trade), can now close their long positions today/tomorrow around 2083-2093 (current levels), and take out the 30-40 points profits. We will plan new positional trade for July from tomorrow. Thanks.

Wishing good luck and fortune to every sincere and disciplined Emini Futures trader out there. Thanks for visiting our website.