Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 05Dec2019

The S&P500 futures are currently at 3117 at the time of market closing, which is a good recover from day low of 3103 levels. As mentioned in earlier posts, the futures will be bullish above 3100. And sharp bounces from near 3100 indicate buying strength.

The futures will tend to become safe above 3130, but there is also a strong resistance at 3140, so we want to see how the futures navigate the 3140 level. Above 3150, the next major targets are 3180 and 3200.

Our Emini Futures Trading Strategy for Dec 2018, is to stay long, because the S&P500 index is in strong uptrend.

Here’s a Bonus Trade for our website visitors:
“Buy at 3128 for Target 3143 with Stop loss 3114”




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