Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 17Dec2018

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are currently at 2555.50, down 50 points for the day. Following are three weekly charts taken at different points of the day today. This is the third red week, and the selling looks mostly done. The futures have tested lower support level of 2530 today, and the futures bounced back from 2530 level, which was the support level established in Feb 2018. The futures are oversold currently, and we can see a good recovery of 100 points to 2650 by December end.



There is a fear in the market that the US Fed will give hawkish message for interest rates in 2019, but I am not sure about that, given the data points about global economic growth slowing down in parts, and crude oil is reflecting those data points. But that fear and the correction seems overdone for now. Investors should expect recovery in S&P500 over next 2-3 weeks.

[Bonus Trade] In my view, the S&P500 will retest its 200 day moving average at 2765 before end-Jan 2019. That is 200 points above the current price of 2555, which presents a good upside for both traders and investors.

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