Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 21Dec2018




The S&P500 futures are at 2426, now 200+ points below their 20 day SMA (simple moving average) of 2641. I don’t remember the last time there was so much divergence! It is not sustainable and very clearly, the futures are deeply oversold. There is an element of shorting and an element of long unwinding in this recent correction in Dec 2018. The S&P500 has lost 375+ points from the start of December – its a record. I think its the worst December for S&P500 since 1929. The market is acting as if we have a recession next year, but its not the case. However, this kind of selling may force the US Fed to think twice about their futures interest rate hikes in 2019.

Our S&P500 futures trading strategy is to keep buying at levels below 2500 for target of 2600 in Jan 2019, because 2500 is a strong support, and the futures will rapidly move up to 2500 from any level below 2500. The minimum pullback target is 2600, within 2 weeks. 2650 is also possible once during Jan 2019.

[Bonus Trade] Buy at 2420 for target 2500 with Stop loss 2380.
Current price is 2415.



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