Emini Futures Trading Update- 03July2019


Hello Folks, 3000 is here!!! And this 3000 has been our target for S&P500 futures from 1st Jan 2019, the start of this year, when the futures were at 2530, and 3000 looked so far away, and many traders asked me if this was indeed possible within 2019. All along, every month, I have been reminding our trading group that 3000 is the target, and it was difficult to believe just one month back in May 2019, when the futures were in major correction mode. Well, the target has come in 6 months!! And that too after two rejections at 2950 and major corrections along the way.

We have been positive and constructive all along and always looking to buy on corrections, because the uptrend never broke even once as per my analysis. Some traders regularly asked why we were not going short during market rallies. Well, the answer is in front of you. All time high, 3000 is here. The big money has come on the long trades, and for the Nth time since year 2001, it is the long trades that give reliable income with S&P500.

3000 was looking visible once the futures started trading above 2960. We have been long from 2968, so we are gaining from this upmove. But gains keep coming every month, today is the day to celebrate 3000, our major target getting hit. Thank you S&P500!!

On this lovely day, I want to share my next major target with you.
It is 3600. Timeframe 2 years.

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