Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 06Feb2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are at 3343.00
Today’s Range: 3322.25 – 3357.00
The futures broke out of the 3330-3340 resistance zone last evening, during after market hours, and raced up till 3357.

“But the uptrend is also in good momentum, and we have target of 3350-3360”
— The above target came during after market hours, and a few active traders could use it for making fresh gains. In our own trading accounts, 3353 target got executed but orders placed at 3358 got missed by a point.

Optional Trade update:
“Buy at 3333 for Target 3353 with Stop loss 3213.”

The above trade given yesterday after market hours, did not execute at 3333 yesterday evening, because the futures were moving around 3335, and then took off for 20 point upmove to 3355, within 5-10 minutes of my mail. In other words, by the time the trade was visible to us, it also became visible to many other traders and trading algorithms! A few nimble traders were able to buy during this upmove between 3335-3340 and sell at 3353, with 10-15 points gain.

If you have bought at 3333 today morning with limit buy order, then please exit at current price of 3343, with 10 points gain, because this is not the same trade of yesterday, because the 3353 target has already been hit. We have no new trade as of now, and will mail you again later with market analysis. Thanks.

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