Emini Futures Chart Analysis – 10Nov2015


Date:Nov 10, 2015 Open=2072.25 High=2079.00 Low=2064.50 Close=2078.10

S&P500 Index is currently in uptrend, after forming a solid double-bottom at 1860-1870 level in early October 2015. The index has come back above 2050-2100 level from where it fell during Aug-Sep 2015. As long as S&P500 Index is above 2000 level, the uptrend remains intact, and we should remain long with futures. Below 2000, longs must be closed immediately, because deep downsides can start. So the major stop loss for all long trades is 2000 on S&P500 Index. Active traders can do long side trades on S&P500 E-mini Futures with 15-20 points as stop loss.

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