S&P500 Emini Futures Trading Update: 06Jan2016

  • The S&P500 Emini Futures futures made a high of 2017 after our buying at
    1993 (on 4th Jan), and reversed from 2013 yesterday (5th Jan) to a low of
    1971 in pre-market selling today morning, and again moved up to 1995
    intraday, fell down to 1971 again, and closing at 1984. More than 100
    points of distance covered in one trading day!
  • We have asked active traders to take profits on every 10-20 points gain, because market is volatile and 10-20 points profits are disappearing rapidly. So some traders had already taken 15-20 point gains by selling their long futures around 2010-2013 level over the last 2 days (from the buying at 1993 on 4th Jan).
  • In addition, this morning, we have asked active traders with 5-10 contracts to buy 2-3 contracts at 1977 with stop at 1971 (day low) for target 1991, which has already been hit at 10:23 am US EST, giving 14 points gain, and we have gained once again from taking a position against the knee jerk selling in pre-market hours.
  • The average daily high-low range for Dec 2015 month was 27 points, and
    similar trend is happening in Jan 2016. With such daily range, any stop
    loss less than 25 points is constantly at risk. Our approach is to keep
    smaller stop losses of 5-15 points, and try to select the trade entry
    better. Thanks.

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