Bonus Trade: Buy Emini Futures for 40-50 points upside

Bonus Trade update 06-Jan-2016: Please note the following.
If 1980 stop is hit, then buy back your futures when 1985 is crossed on the upside, with Stop at 1980 once again. In any case, you must have futures long above 1993 (i.e, above 2000 on S&P500 index)

Date: 04-Jan-2015
Hello Folks, the buy signal is visible now. The futures are at 1993 currently. Here is our bonus trade of Jan 2016, for all regular visitors of our website.
Bonus Trade#1: Jan 2016
Buy at: 1993
Target: 2043
Stop: 1980
Traders can also take profit at 2013 and 2023, so that they can buy back again at lower levels, within the above trading range. The S&P500 index and futures have recovered very nicely from day lows, and are showing buying strength. The and risk-reward for a long trade is favorable at current levels, as good as it can get. Thanks.

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