S&P500 Becomes a Buy today at 2076

The S&P500 index has given a fresh Buy Signal today with a closing at 2076 (spot). The immediate reliable target is 2100 (spot), with a stop loss of 2067 (spot) on closing basis. This target should come within July. So this presents an opportunity to make 20-25 points on the Emini Futures this month. We are sharing this trade as a bonus for our regular website visitors.

Traders Please Note: It pays to trade the S&P500 Emini Futures with S&P500 spot price levels because the long term charts are available for S&P500 index, even though the S&P500 Emini Futures maybe trading at a discount or premium. Its true that Emini Futures tend to have a larger daily high-low band because of gap ups and gap downs, and pre-market trading which tend to extrapolate trends from other markets.

Trading with S&P500 Emini Index (spot prices) will help us keep our sanity over long term, even if we miss a few points here and there. Always watch the S&P500 index level to see daily, weekly closing.

One thought on “S&P500 Becomes a Buy today at 2076

  1. This trade worked very well, in fact much faster than anticipated. Hope your profited from this bonus trade. We will share such trades once in a while, where the set up looks reliable and 20 points are clearly visible. All the best!