S&P500 Futures Trading – 9Oct2014

October 9, 2014, New York City: After doing a good green day, and recovering the prices from the low points of the previous day, the S&P500 almost reversed the entire gains today, and so all the positive work done on October 8, 2014 was reversed today on October 9, 2014 and the market has ended on a day low. So this is bearish, and this also indicates that we will see lower prices from the current level of closing and therefore the S&P500 become a sell as of end of today. Reversing the buy signal that was coming as of yesterday. The suitable trade for tomorrow would be to sell the 7500 at the start of the day and wait for at least 10-15 point gains on the lower side, on the sell trade. A stop for this trade can be kept at 1950, because if it starts going above that then we should exit this trade, and if one wants to keep a slightly wider stop, to a wide tolerance in the market, then stock can be kept at 1967, so traders can choose a stop depending on their flexibility, any stop between 1950-1957 and sell the 7500 futures at the start of day for at least 10-15 points gain. So we can aim for something like a 1930 or a 1920, also if you can hold this trade till we see a green day. The trade reverses at least when we see one green day. Otherwise, today has been a reversal day. Thank you for visiting our website. Be sure to check the website regularly for Bonus Trades, which are high probability trades. All the best for your Emini (ES) Futures Trading.

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