Bonus Trade: Buy S&P500 Emini Futures at 2085 for target 2095

Trade Update: 17 August 2015:
S&P500 Emini Futures have hit both our upside targets: 2095 and 2100.
Today’s Range: 2074.95 – 2100.45
10 points profit booked today on 2085 buying from last Thursday.
One more successful trade completed. Thanks to the S&P500 Index.

Hello Folks, here’s a Bonus Trade for all our website visitors.
Background Notes: The S&P500 showed amazing strength today by recovering nearly 40 points from its day lows to close in green! That’s a lot of work done in one day, and it establishes strong buying interest at 2050-2060 level, which was getting tested regularly for last couple of weeks. Today’s emphatic upmove from deep lows will ensure that 2060 is respected a strong support in the coming days. This creates a long trade opportunity on Thursday (Aug 13, 2015) as follows:

Specific Trading Opportunity: Buy S&P500 Emini Futures (ES) at 2085 for target 2095. This 10 points upside is clearly visible after today’s move. Larger traders can hold some contracts for 2100 also because that is the next target after 2095. These price targets may come by end of Thursday or by end of Friday. As mentioned across our website, we will trade with price targets, even if it means carrying positions overnight.

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