Bonus Trade: Buy S&P500 Emini Futures at 1900 for target 1945

Trade Update: 11.00 am US EST, Aug 27, 2015: Both targets of 1945 and 1965 have been hit this morning. The stop loss of 1900 was hit yesterday morning, but the second attempt was successful in getting the big trade in our bag. Please read below for trade details.
10.00 am US EST, Aug 26, 2015:
Hello Folks, here’s the next Bonus Trade for all our website visitors.
Buy S&P500 Emini Futures above 1900 for target 1945, with 1890 as stop (all three numbers are S&P500 Index spot price, not ES futures value, which may fluctuate more). Current value of S&P500 index is 1901. 45 points gain, with 10 points risk, is very good risk-reward ration. This is high reliability trade after 5 days of large falls. This is not a day trade and may need holding for 2-3 days, though the upside target of 1945 could come by end of today also.

Please Note: If stop of 1890 is hit, then you have to get back into this trade when 1900 is crossed again. This trade is for active traders who can take volatility. This reversal trade is not to be missed. The ongoing large volatility in markets is giving big trades.The upside probability is high, and such a trade comes along once a quarter, and must be taken with both hands. Large traders can buy more contracts, and hold some contracts for 1965 target, after selling a majority at 1945.

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