For Large Traders of Emini Futures

If you can trade with 10+ Emini contracts, then contact us for our special emini trading proposal because Emini Futures Trading strategy is different when you can hold 10+ contracts for 1-4 weeks, which involves trading with fewer contracts (say 5 contracts at max), leaving ample capital as buffer so that when high conviction prices appear (which may come 1-2 times per month at max), wider stops (we don’t want market noise to hit our positions) and, most importantly, buying on “all-red days” when others are selling in fear, and selling on “all-green days” when everyone is happy, we are busy selling our inventory, because we need to free up capital for the next set of down days.

Day to day trading is not the way for long term profitable trading. Some of the best gains with Emini futures trading come over 1-2 weeks once a market is trending up or down. Even sideways markets in a range can give good trades. Please see the Emini Futures Trading performance data.

The fee for this service starts from $3000 per month. We will communicate the trades to you by email, and we will speak with you on phone 2-3 times per week to keep you aligned with our trading strategy. You can expect to make 20 points more per month per contract, or $1000 per month per contract. Once we decide to enter the market at a particular level, we will have multiple buying points and multiple selling points, taking 5-10 points per trade. This strategy is similar to the trading strategy used by market makers. Most of the trades are limit orders. In case of large number of contracts, we may use options to protect our positions. Please Contact us if you are interested. Thanks.

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