S&P500 Emini Futures Trading Update – 03Dec2015

As of 2.55 pm US EST, the S&P500 Emini Futures have dropped to 2045. They are now 40 points below our stop loss exit at 2085. This indicates the extent of selling pressure that came in yesterday. I have been observing the futures since 3.00 am. There has been lot of volatility, and its difficult to trade with single contract. This fall today can not be traded by signals or emails. It can only be traded in real-time because it can reverse equally sharply as some indicators are already in oversold area. We will let this sudden selling play out.

Given the increased volatility, there is no clear trade as of now, which can be started and allowed to run its course. We will wait for the market to stabilize to get reliable trades, which will surely come. There is no new trade for tomorrow (Friday 04 Dec, 2015).

P.S. Traders who are trading with 5-10 or more contracts, can buy 2-3 contracts now around 2045 levels for bounce back to 2055-2065, which can happen tomorrow. Risk-reward is favoring a very tactical buy of this type. You can benefit from a 40 point fall below the 2085 stop. Traders who are trading with 1-2 contracts should wait for market to stabilize and clear new trade to emerge. Thanks.

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