Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 28Apr2017


Trend: The S&P500 index futures are currently bullish, but with a clear resistance at 2400 level, which is just 20 points above the current 2080 level. The weekly chart is pointing to higher prices in the coming months, though we may see some correction in the near term due to the sharp run up in the last few days. The futures appear overbought, but may continue to become more overbought before reversing. Traders should look for some price weakness before taking any bearish positions.

Levels: There is a good buying support at 2330 level. The futures will remain bullish as long as they are trading above 2300 level. Upside targets of 2400 were visible to us even when futures were at 2330 level. The futures are currently in uptrend, but now we are close to the ceiling/upper limit. There is a strong resistance at 2400 level. This 2400 level was our target when futures were down at 2330, and there will be selling pressure near 2400 level. The futures need to close above 2410 for the next leg of upmove. The futures will face increased selling pressure below 2380 and 2360 level can be tested again. From 2380 level, there is a 50-50 chance of going down to 2350 or going above 2400. Therefore, we can only do optional/tactical trades till we get clarity on the direction. The big target of 2500 is intact for this year, so we will go long at suitable times.

Bonus Trades:
(a) Traders can take long positions above 2410 for Target 2440 with 2390 as Stop loss. This trade would offer 30 points gain with 20 points risk.
(b) Traders can take short positions below 2300 for Target 2250 with 2320 as Stop loss. This trade would offer 50 points gain with 20 points risk. Continue reading

Bonus Trade: Emini Futures Trading – 13April2017

Emini S&P500 Futures (ESM17) are currently at 2327.50
Following is a bonus trade for our website visitors and traders who are actively trading with 1-2 contracts: “Buy Emini Futures at 2320 for target 2350 with Stop Loss 2300.” This trade can give 30 points gain for 20 points risk. It is unlikely that futures will break 2300 level.

Traders who are trading with 5-10 contracts can consider buying futures at various prices between 2300 and 2330 for target between 2340-2350, which can give 10-20 points gain per contract in the trade.

Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 26Mar2017

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2342.25
It has taken longer to complete my analysis, because the futures have closed at a critical stage, from where the direction can change from long bias to short bias. Such critical levels involve days with 20 point swings on daily basis, which we saw this week.

Summary of my Emini futures analysis is this:
We should be long above 2330, and we should be short below 2330.

This is a slightly long mail but please read it carefully.
The long trade, which started in Nov 2016 (Trump rally) maybe coming to an end now in March 2016, unless futures bounce back above 2360 with a emphatic 20-30 point upmove to close above 2360. Continue reading

Bonus Trade- Emini Futures Trading- 09Mar2017

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini Futures are currently at 2367.75
Today’s Range: 2354.00 – 2369.25. So the futures fell down till 2354 in the afternoon session, and cleared out many of the remaining longs, and then did a very bullish reversal move, which we were waiting to see last few days. 2360 has been successfully tested for now, and lower level stop losses are unlikely to get hit in the next couple of days. The reversal move in last 2 hours is high quality and we can expect 10-20 point upmove based on how the pullback happened from lower level of 2354 intraday. Many stop losses would have got hit in the 2354 to 2360 band and when the futures bounced back, some of those traders were buying back, and some of the late shorts below 2360 would be rapidly covering their shorts around 2365.

Here are two Bonus Trades, which can be used by all our website visitors.
(A) Buy Emini Futures at 2368 for Target 2378 with Stop loss 2358.
(B) Buy Emini Futures at 2368 for Target 2388 with Stop loss 2358.
These trades may be done with 1-2 contracts each.

Our Emini Futures Trading Strategy for the month of March 2017 is to remain long above 2300 and buy the corrections for 10-20 point gain, with 10-12 point stop loss. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Update- 21Feb2017

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2361.50
The set up is 50-50 for any trade, and not looking reliable at this
extended level of market. Therefore Traders with 1-2 contracts have to
wait patiently for a suitable opportunity.

Traders with 5-10 contracts: There are two new optional/tactical trades.
(A) “Buy Emini Futures at 2362 for Target 2373 with Stop loss 2356.”
(B) “Sell Emini Futures at/below 2348 for Target 2300 with Stop loss 2365.”
These trades can be done with 1-2 contracts.

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Emini Futures Trading – 21 Feb 2017
Date: Tue, February 21, 2017 12:25 pm
To: info [@] eminifuturestrading.biz
Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2358.50
Today’s Range: 2349.00 – 2364.50

A buy signal came above 2357 but there is selling pressure at 2360-2365
level and a reliable long trade is not there. Today’s upmove looks like
short covering and we have to see if the gains hold till end of day.

There is no immediate trade. I am doing the market technical analysis and
will reply again after an hour. Thanks.