Bonus Trade: Emini Futures Trading – 13April2017

Emini S&P500 Futures (ESM17) are currently at 2327.50
Following is a bonus trade for our website visitors and traders who are actively trading with 1-2 contracts: “Buy Emini Futures at 2320 for target 2350 with Stop Loss 2300.” This trade can give 30 points gain for 20 points risk. It is unlikely that futures will break 2300 level.

Traders who are trading with 5-10 contracts can consider buying futures at various prices between 2300 and 2330 for target between 2340-2350, which can give 10-20 points gain per contract in the trade.

Emini Futures Trading Update- 17Feb2017

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2344.
Today’s Range: 2336.50 – 2347.50. Its is a “doji” candle day, where the
start and close are at nearly same level, indicating indecision, whether
to go higher or go lower.

The latest optional/tactical trade hit Stop loss at 2338 today morning,
taking away 5 points, but we still have good profit for the Feb month.
“Buy Emini Futures at 2343 for Target 2353 with Stop loss 2338.”
Stop loss was hit at 2338 and futures are back at our buying price 2343.
That’s life in a choppy market.

Traders with 5-10 contracts: Here is a new optional/tactical trade.
“Buy Emini Futures at 2344 for Target 2354 with Stop loss 2336.”
This trade can be done with 1-2 contracts.

Traders with 1-2 contracts: Please wait for suitable trade set up. A new
buy signal is coming today now at 2343 but we will have to wait or some
confirmation on Monday for a reliable trade. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Update- 15Feb2017


The Emini S&P500 Futures are at 2350.
Strong upmove continues with no sign of profit taking.
Looks like there are more points on upside before any selling can come.

Traders with 5-10 contracts: If the optional/tactical Sell trade given for you
earlier today hits its stop loss at 2352, then you can do a new long trade
from there as follows, with 1-2 contracts. This is an optional/tactical trade.
“Buy Emini Futures at 2352 for Target 2361 with Stop loss 2342.”

Traders with 1-2 contracts: Please wait for suitable trade set up. We
have 26 points in the bag this month, and we can aim for another good
trade of 10-12 points if we get a reliable set up. Current market rally
looks extended and can easily take points away from us. So we have to be
cautious. Thanks.

Emini Futures Trading Update- 03Jan2017

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2242. The futures lost 20 points from day high of 2059 to make day low of 2039.

Trade#1 of Jan 2017 has hit stop loss at 2248. This is our 3rd stop loss of 6 points in this zone of 2250, including the two stops we had in December month So we will have to wait for 2250 to be crossed or broken decisively. All these stop losses will be recovered in one good trade of 20-25 points.

I am looking at 2260 on the S&P500 index. There is a clear long trade above this level. The index went till 2263 today but failed to hold and a 20 point sell off followed. We will get back into the market in a day or two once direction become clear again. There will be tactical trades along the way. The zone for short trades is from below 2240 as mentioned in previous mail today. The futures have bounced back from 2240 multiple times, so we have to see if this level holds.

Traders with 1-2 contracts: There is no immediate trade. Please wait for the next trade specifically for you.

Traders with 5-10 contracts: Here is another tactical trade for you. You can Buy 1-2 contracts at/above 2242 for Target 2252 with Stop 2238. [Update: This tactical trade of 10 points was successfully completely today itself by end of day]

Please Note: The broad view for this month is to be long above 2250 and short below 2240. We will try to create trades using this view. 2252 is acting a key resistance in futures, and 2238 is acting as support.

Background Notes: Jan has been a tough month for markets last 3 years, with S&P500 losing at least 3 percent in Jan 2014, 2015, 2016. Jan is difficult because large investors will do portfolio adjustments and if previous months were good, there is a tendency to become conservative and go into liquid funds. We traders need to be very cautious in Jan. All the best!

Emini Futures Trading Analysis – 21Oct2016


The above chart clearly shows a strong support zone between 2100-2120 for the S&P500 futures. They have bounced back from this support zone twice in recent days, so we can expect an upmove of 40-50 points from the support zone of 2100-2120 before any fresh selling pressure gets applied by the short sellers. So potential upside target is 2150-2160. We can be sure that there short sellers because many fund managers will try to hedge their equity portfolios by shorting the S&P500 Futures. And then there will be some naked short sellers who are convinced of lower targets after US Elections in November 2016. Therefore, we have to book trading profits in the 2150-2160 range without becoming greedy. A real long trade with high conviction can start only above 2200, which will then involve massive short covering and immediate target in that case would be 2240. We will discuss that trade when we get there. There are many roadblocks before that, because the daily charts are showing that medium-term market trend is down until 2180 is crossed. Continue reading