Emini Futures Trading Analysis- 23Mar2018


Hello Folks, the Emini S&P500 (ES) futures are at 2650. The futures broke their support at 2650 yesterday and went down till 2620 today morning, and have recovered from there back to 2650. However, 2600 is most likely to be tested once before any reversal, because the 200 day SMA is at 2596 currently, and the 200 day EMA is at 2610 currently. So the futures will most likely test 2600 level today or in the next couple of days before we can expect a reliable reversal.

We can expect a reversal from 2600 towards 2700 because the fundamentals of S&P500 companies are in good shape. But its very rare to see a reversal without testing the 200 day SMA when the index is so close to it. Strong support is at 2580, which should hold this time. Resistance is at 2680 and 2780. Please see the attached chart. Continue reading

Emini Futures Trading Update- 06July2016

Following is our email sent to subscribers on July 6, 2016.

Hello Folks, the futures are currently at 2086. They have recovered nicely from day low of 2066. However, selling pressure is visible on daily charts, and today’s lower level buying may not hold if fresh round of selling comes. At the same time, the V-shape recovery from lower levels after Brexit is impressive. It is possible that 2100 on futures will get tested again.

Please note our Emini Futures Trading Strategy for this July month: The 2053 number in futures is still intact as the dividing line for positional long and short trades. Below 2053, we start a short trade with 2063 as stop. Above 2053, we start a long trade with 2043 as stop.

* Traders with 1-2 contracts: There is no trade as of now for you.
* Traders with 5-10 contracts: You may buy 1-2 contracts at 2086 for target 2096, with Stop 2076. This tactical trade can play out by Friday. Thanks.