Emini Futures Trading Update- 20Feb2017

Hello Folks, the S&P500 Emini futures are at 2352.50
Today’s Range: 2346.00 – 2356.75

The S&P500 Emini futures are showing signs of fatigue after recent rally.
We may see 2340 again for testing that support level, which was tested 2-3
times last week.

The following optional/tactical trade given on Friday, 17 Feb 2017, has
hit its target of 2354 today, giving 10 points gain.
Traders with 5-10 contracts: Here is a new optional/tactical trade.
“Buy Emini Futures at 2344 for Target 2354 with Stop loss 2336.”
This trade can be done with 1-2 contracts.

Traders with 1-2 contracts: Please wait for suitable trade set up. The buy
signal that appeared on Friday at 2343 gave 13 points (from 2434 to 2356),
and its already looking weak. So I am waiting for a suitable buy signal
with 15-20 point upside, so that we can get 10-12 points from it. I will
mail you again tomorrow around market start. Thanks.

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